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24 Experts Share Their #1 Practice
 For Enlightening Your Bedroom. 

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Swami Vivekananda Saraswati:

Sex as a Means for Spiritual Evolution

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What Is This?

You are browsing the Omooni Advent Calendar. This is our gift for you this holiday season, where we stream one talk from the Conscious Sexuality Summit per day for free. Read on for details about the summit - and make sure share this with the special people in your life:

Level-Up Your Love Making and Experience a Thriving, Ecstatic and
Soul-Merging Sex Life

In the Concious Sexuality Summit 24 Experts Share Their #1 Practice
 For Enlightening Your Bedroom

We recorded 24 powerful video talks, that are taking you to the next level of intimacy. This is why you should watch the summit:

  1. You deserve a fulfilling sex life! Our 24 experts show you how to get there.
  2. Sexuality is the last frontier of personal development and goes far beyond the bedroom. We give you access to teachings for beginners as well as for advanced explorers.
  3. You won’t just learn random sex advice. The summit contains deep, mindful and tangible insights and techniques, that are easy to apply in daily life.

Do you want to manifest a relationship and sex life that is exciting, healing, and soul-merging?

What if you could hear from some of the world’s leading conscious sexuality experts and get their best advice on how to level-up your love life? Advice that is tested and proven – through modern science and/or secret ancient teachings.

In September 2016 we brought together 24 experts for an event like no other: The Conscious Sexuality Summit.

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Normally: $97

Today Only: $27

The Speakers Are Featured In

Charles Muir

Hack Ejaculation and Last Longer

Tantric Sex for Beginners

Frank Mondeose

Swami Vivekananda

The Journey to Cervical Bliss

Sex as a Means for Spiritual

Marc Steinberg


Dr. Patti Britton

Decoding Male Orgasm

Breaking Through Shame

Samiel Carolina

Susana Frioni

Caroline Muir

Unleashing Female Full-
Body Orgasm

Living a Turned-On Divine
Feminine Life

Andrea Cairella

Barbara Carrellas

How Couples Can Support
Each Other in Sexual

Spicing Up Your Bedroom
With Tantric BDSM

Amrita Grace

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver

Journey to a Positive Body

Letting Go Fully in the Bedroom

Triambika MaVive

Igniting Your Erotic Power Through Sacred Dance

How Any Man Can Become an Extraordinary Lover

Lady Shepsa

Sofia Sundari

Awakening Kundalini Energy Through Love-Making

Awaken Your Yoni Powers

Raffaello Manacorda

Laurie Handlers

How to Talk Frankly About
Sex in a Relationship

Manifesting Your Desires
With Sex Magic

Mali Apple & Joe Dunn

Drew Gerald

Living Authentic and
Conscious Masculinity

The Art of Conscious Foreplay

Eyal Matsliah

Shashi Solluna

How Loving Your Breasts Will Change Your Life

How to Heal and Solve Your
Problems with Orgasms

Rosie Rees

Jennifer Russell

Liberate the Glowing
Woman Within

Using Archetypes for Sexual Empowerment

Olivia Bryant

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